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Lightning Protection,
EMI/EMC  Consulting
& Services

Established in 2007, our qualified, experienced and dedicated team helps industries to identify & solve EMI, earthing and lightning related problems by applying proven design and troubleshooting techniques. We carryout Lightning protection design, Earthing design for EHV / HV / LV and ELV applications and Electromagnetic compatibility assessments for industrial and process electronics.

Our Services

Our Services

We have been designing Lightning protection system, EMI/EMC designs, EMP protected buildings, Lightning protection and earthing evaluation and failure analysis of electronics in various industries since 2007

Lightning Protection Design (LPS) 

Protecting a building against the direct and indirect effects of lightning is important for the safety of people and equipment in the building. Rather it is a mandatory requirement in several countries including India (as per IS/IEC 62305 & NBC:2016).


LPCI is a premier organisation in India carrying out lightning protection design for critical buildings including military application.

Electromagnetic compatibility and EMC complied buildings.

Protecting electronic equipment in buildings against Electro-Magnetic Pulses (EMP) has become important due to the increased use of sensitive electronic systems.

Most often Electromagnetic compatibility is limited to equipment and apparatus, where as our services include EMC complied buildings (zoning and shielding of building and services), which is unique in the industry.

Earthing design for EHV / HV substations including LV and ELV systems

Effective earthing is necessary for safety and functionality of every electrical and electronic system.

Earthing designs of LPCI include global earthing system for industrial and commercial premises which use EHV / HV / LV and ELV systems in close proximity. LPCI earthing design comply IEC 61936, EN 50522 and IEEE80 requirements

Foundation Earthing, Ring Earthing, Structural Earthing and Functional Earthing

Building with electronic installations need either foundation earth or ring earth for the reliable operation of the installation as strongly recommended in IEC standards.

LPCI earthing design include earthing and bonding requirements of all the above requirements

Internal Lightning Protection, Shielding, Bonding, Cable Routing .. 

The internal LPS avoids the occurrence of dangerous flashover inside the structure and protect electrical and electronic system from failures due to lightning. Its an integral part of complete LPS.

LPCI lightning protection design consists of protective measures to be incorporated in an installation including shielding, bonding, screening and cable routings.

SPD's and protection of electronics from transient surges

To-day, the demand and dependency on electronic equipment and systems is growing exponentially in every section of the society, particularly among the urban middle class. Electronic equipment such as personal computers, printers, modems, DVD players, home theaters, telephones, micro-ovens and satellite dish are common in many residential buildings and business establishments. 


We have been a front runner in the field of Lightning protection design and EMI/EMC system for various prestigious projects in India

Know more about LPCI & SOLVE

Established as a LP consultants International Pvt Ltd, our services have been extended to several industries across Asia. The experience and expertise are being consolidated to SOLVE: Safe Operation of Low Voltage Electricity, working to integrate Artificial Intelligence in Electrical Safety.

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