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Why Choose LPCI

We have been in the field of Lightning protection design and Electromagnetic compatibility for more than 15 years. Our awareness classes on lightning protection for CISSA / LARC are the best since the last decade. Worlds leading scientists and engineers support us for our activities such as public awareness, guidance during difficult designs and consultancy for critical installations.


Mr. Rengasamy Ganesan is a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG), Chennai. He has served in Army Centre for EMC (ACE), Mhow (MP) and SAMEER-Centre for Electromagnetics, an autonomous R&D institution under the Union Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. He has more than 25 years of experience in EMC testing and design. He has worked as project manager and implemented CE marking project for three EMC test centres. He has attended EMC training programme in the UK under Indo-German joint project and also on EMC testing and design in US under UNDP sponsored project. Presently, he is heading LP Consultants International (LPCI) Pvt. Ltd. which offers design consultancy and training to industries in the area of Lightning Protection (LP) and Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC). He has conducted EMC and lightning protection programmes in many countries including India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Singapore. He also works as business associate for Underwriter Laboratories (UL) – India. He has published many technical papers on EMC in National and International conferences.He is a life member of Society of EMC Engineers – India

Gopa Kumar is an Electrical engineer. He is the founder of CAPE Electric and LPCI. Mr. Gopakumar is a member in various IEC working groups of technical committees and BIS technical committees. He is an advisor of CELP, University Putra, Malaysia. He is having more than 28 years’ experience in Lightning protection, EMI/EMC, earthing and safety. He has done 100’s of site studies about failure of electronics in industrial system and conducted more than 1000 training classes in India and abroad on the subjects of his expertise. He has designed various EMI/EMC and HEMP protected buildings in India.

IEC -   TC64: (IEC 60364) MT 3, MT 12, MT 40, MT 41, PT 60364-8-3, WG 43

           TC81: (IEC 62305) ahG 19, MT 3, MT 14, MT 21, WG 18

           SC 37 A: (IEC 61643) WG3 & WG

BIS -   National Building Code-2016 (electrical committee),

           ETD 20 (NEC, IS732, IS3043) & ETD 30

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Dr. Chandima Gomes

(PhD, CEng (UK), CPhys (UK), FSAIEE, PrPhys (SA), MIET (UK), MInstP (UK)).

Professor of High Voltage Engineering,

Chairman, ESKOM Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI)-HVAC,

Director, Center of Excellence on High Voltage Engineering,

University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa


Prof. Gomes is a Chartered Engineer (UK), a professional physicist in South Africa and a fellow of South African institute of Electrical Engineers. He was a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Universiti Putra Malaysia until October 2018, and the first Head of the Centre for Electromagnetics and Lightning Protection Research, Malaysia. He was a senior advisor of National Lightning Safety Institute (USA), and the chief advisor of African Center for Lightning Electromagnetics (ACLENet). He is also a founder & senior advisor of South Asian Lightning Network (SALNet).


In addition to lightning protection, grounding, and bonding, he is also an expert in EMI/EMC, occupational safety, atmospheric physics, and disaster management. He is a member of TC 81 of IEC 62305 Protection against Lightning, SABS TC 0067/SC Electricity Distribution, components and installation, and WG SANS 10313 Protection against lightning - physical damage to structures and life hazards.


He is a well-known engineering trainer in Asia and Africa, Prof. Chandima has conducted over 120 training programs worldwide and also published over 300 research papers.

Mr. Ashen Gomes is an electrical engineering professional at Universiti Putra Malaysia and actively involved with computer aided designing of lightning protection systems and electromagnetic filtering systems. Mr.Ashen is known in the lightning science community for his involvement in lightning safety concerns in South Asia and Africa. He is also an active official in the IEEE-Student Sector in Malaysia.

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