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Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) based on NBC and IS standards

Protecting a building against the direct and indirect effects of lightning is important for the safety of people and equipment in the building. Rather it is a mandatory requirement in several countries including India (as per IS/IEC 62305 & NBC:2016) for industrial, commercial and multistoried residential buildings.


LPCI carry out lightning protection design for critical buildings including military application.

The National Building Code of India and the Code of practice for Lightning Protection IS/IEC 62305 recommend to make risk assessment and provide protection according to the Levels of protection required for a particular application.

Lightning protection is not simply a buy-and-install technique. It is a state of art. Lightning and transient protection systems for buildings and equipment should be designed and implemented by experts who are thorough with national and international standards. They should also have the experience and knowledge to think beyond the standards.

LPCI have been established with the view of providing the best solutions to lightning and transient related problems, without restricting to a single brand name or technology. 


Well qualified and highly experienced lightning protection and EMI/EMC experts founded LPCI during 2007. LPCI provide consultancy on total solutions to the systems and installations for Lightning, Transient and EMI/EMC related problems independent of a particular product range.  


With years of vast experience at international level, LPCI designs the most suited lightning protection system for a given building.


In turnkey projects LPCI uses the best suited products for a given application, selected out of several reputed international brands.

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