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Internal Lightning Protection,  Shielding, Bonding Screening and Routing

The internal LPS avoids the occurrence of dangerous flashover inside the structure and protect electrical and electronic system from failures due to lightning. Its an integral part of complete LPS.

Internal Lightning Protection and protection of electronics from EMI consisting of Shielding, Bonding, Screening, Routing of cables play a major role in protecting electronic systems. 

Shielding and Screening: Consists of electromagnetic shielding of the building by using the RCC or other structural materials. In addition shielding with metal cable management systems or cable armors provide additional safety against effects of EMP.

Bonding: Internal bonding of various exposed and extraneous conductive parts are essential for achieving electrical safety. How ever similar equipotential bonding satisfying the requirements of communication  equipment are also necessary to reduce the effect of EMI and other interferences to the communication equipment.


Routing of cables is also an important subject which shall be carried out carefully to protect electronics from failures.

LPCI lightning protection design include of all  protective measures necessary in a modern installation and achieve electromagnetic compatibility.

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