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Automotive, Petrochemical and Process Industry, Construction, Defense and a lot more are our trusted customers.

Complete turnkey solutions for lightning protection design, earthing design and electromagnetic compatibility in

  • Oil Refineries and stores,

  • Oil wells both on-shore and off-shore,

  • Railway systems,

  • Thermal and nuclear power plants,

  • Power distribution systems & SCADA,

  • Military storage systems,

  • On ground and underground explosive stores,

  • Petrochemical industry,

  • Radar systems,

  • Cement industry,

  • Hospitals & Hotels,

  • Airport, Aviation, Shipyards,

  • Naval crafts,

  • Wind farms,

  • Communication towers,


  • Stadiums and sports complexes,

  • Residential and commercial complexes.

and in all places where a high degree of technical knowledge is required.

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