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Foundation Earthing, Ring Earthing, Structural Earthing and Functional Earthing

Building with electronic installations need either foundation earth or ring earth for the reliable operation of the installation as strongly recommended in IEC standards.

LPCI earthing design include earthing and bonding requirements of all the above requirements

Foundation Earthing - This method uses a conductor embedded in RCC foundation, which will dissipate lightning current to soil. This is a modern method recommended in the standards.

Ring Earthing - Also called as type B earthing. In this method the earth electrode is laid around the building as a ring in a closed loop. This method is recommended for buildings with explosives and high concentration of electronics

Structural Earthing - Foundation earth is often called as structural earthing. How ever this is a non standard name


Functional Earthing - Sensitive electronics systems with communication often require a functional earthing. This is also called as isolated earthing or clean earthing.

Services of LPCI / CAPE:

100's of projects successfully installed adopting these techniques, we are the only company who offer these solution complying the most modern international standards. This is why we say "Leading the market with right solution"

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